Floating oyster bag


    Float oyster mesh bags are an easy and inexpensive way to start growing some oysters of your own,and it makes oyster clear.Simply empty some seed oysters into a float bag and tie it off to your dock. Give the bag a shake and a flip every few weeks and watch your oysters grow! Floats, zip ties and mesh bags are all UV-resistant for durability. Float bags can be shipped UPS and make a perfect gift for the waterfront homeowner who has everything! Our customers typically give the float bag as a gift, along with a gift certificate for oyster seed which the recipient can get from us whenever they are ready.
Spec we can do:
Mesh size:  4mm, 6mm,9mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm,23mm.
Width: 21inchses,22inches
Length: 50 cm-25 m.20inches

Description:HDPE Plastic mesh has developed and marketed and specially designed tubular net for inter-tidal oyster farming. It is supplied in different mesh ranges to keep up with size and weight oyster growing. Benefits: NETTING meshes lets you manage your oysters more efficiently, thereby giving the oyster farmer a management technique to control shell growth, condition and clean, producing a much better oyster, with a rumbling action for sale presentation. Features: Made of HDPE with UV resistant additives. 


 Why do we grow our oysters on the surface of water?

Feeding by the float oyster bags.

Oysters stay cleaner and do not  contain "grit"

Due to ample light penetration, there is a high availability of micro-algal food for optimal oyster growth

Wave action insures oxygenation of surface water

Disease processes (Dermo & MSX) are absent

Low observed mortality rate of 4%

Growth to minimum market size (3”) in 18-24 months.





Feeding at the bottom of water.

Oysters are less aesthetically appealing and contain "grit"


Silt at the bottom increases food handling times making it more difficult for oysters to feed


Low levels of sunlight at the bottom, restricts the amount of  micro-algal food available


Disease processes are resident


High mortality rates of >75%


Growth to market size: 3 years minimum, if they survive.






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